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June 20, 2019 2019

Vertical Construction for the First Tower to Commence Soon

Site servicing for the whole Eastside Horizons condo site and the foundation work for the first tower at 1676 Banwell Road were completed in late May. The same for the second tower at 1610 Banwell Road is expected to be done before the end of June, 2019.

Project Manager and Vice President of Eastside Horizons Inc, Mr. Danny Tsang, said construction work at the 3.4-acre site has been smooth since Mayor Drew Dilkens broke the ground in late March. The contractor for site servicing Coco Paving Inc, one of the leading infrastructure companies in Windsor, has made tremendous progress with the stormwater, water and sewerage pipes for the three towers laid in place in a few weeks.

Tsang said following the completion of excavation of the two towers, the foundation and superstructure contractor, PCR Contractors Inc., another household names in the local construction industry, moved in immediately and the superstructure works would begin shortly.

Meanwhile, all the architectural, structural and E & M drawings of 1676 Banwell Road had been submitted to the Building Department of the City for review. Once the full building permit is granted, vertical construction of the first tower would start right away and is expected to finish in 3 months.

Tsang said that according to the building schedule, the first tower would have been topped out by early September and occupancy ready by early 2020.

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April 12, 2019


More than two hundred local buyers flocked to an unconventional real estate sales event on April 6 held at Caesars Windsor Hotel to witness the enthusiastic quest for quality yet affordable condominium suites offered by Eastside Horizons – a brand new 180-unit condo project located in East Riverside.

The development has three 7-storey towers each with 60 suites.

About half of the 60 units of the north tower at 1490 Banwell Road – the third and last tower available for sale -- were reserved on the spot.

Mr. Wing-On Li, Chief Executive Officer of Eastside Horizons, said he was overwhelmed by the market response.

“I believe our condominiums have met the fundamental requirements of users and investors alike. The location of Eastside Horizons at Banwell Road and Firgrove Drive with a municipal park at the doorsteps is simply superb. Most important, it is the natural amenities, suite design and unit price which matter most.

“Getting a brand new two-bedroom condo suite at around $300,000 is a rare find in the east end of Windsor. Prices in the resell condo market have been edging over $320,000 in recent years. The cap rate is about 4.5%. So why not buy a new one for investment?” said Li.

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March 20, 2019


The Mayor of Windsor, Mr. Drew Dilkens, was pleased with the growing interest of real estate investors in building multi-family homes in Windsor.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens with the media and representatives from Eastside Horizons

Mr. Dilkens was speaking at a groundbreaking ceremony of a 180-unit condo development on Banwell Road in the east end of the City -- Windsor’s largest condo development since 2005.

The Mayor was amazed at the speed the development has progressed since he met the developer’s senior management last October at the City Hall.

He said a robust real estate investment in Windsor would help boost the local economy and alleviate the current housing shortage.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens places a shovel in the ground along with representatives of Eastside Horizones as members of the media look on.

President of Eastside Horizons Inc., the developer of the condo project, Mr. Jason Poon, said the entire development would take about 30 months to complete. The smooth progress could be attributed largely to the efficiency and productivity of the employees at the City Hall, he said.

Poon said the engagement of the leading local contractors such the Coco, Collavino, and Troup Groups would ensure perfect teamwork during the building process and timely occupancy for the first tower at 1676 Banwell Road by early 2020.

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