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Look for Value-for-Money

  • Our business philosophy is to build stylish and quality homes at affordable prices.
  • Most importantly, we offer the best “value for money” for our customers
  • In contrast to the common trade practice in the pre-sale of condominiums, the area of the balcony, patio or garden is NOT INCLUDED in the square footage of the suite on the price list, implying that the actual usable area is much larger than what is paid for.
  • Because of our dual role as developer-and-builder, we select qualified contractors at the best prices and purchase brand products at the lowest possible prices.
  • Our prices are extremely competitive compared with those of the listed pre-construction condo developments in Windsor, LaSalle, Kingsville and Tecumseh. Compare prices or ask your agents for details.
  • Our prices are even lower than those of resold units of comparable size (3-4year old) in the vicinity. If in doubt, ask any knowledgeable realtor.Here are some the popular condominiums in the East Side.

Snapshots of recent condo transactions:

Why Investing in New Condominiums?

Windsor Real Estate Market in the last 10 years

  • Soon after the 2008 financial crisis, the real estate market in Windsor has plummeted to what many property analysts described as a “distressed market”.
  • Since mid-2014, the once lagged market has quickly recovered and property prices risen over 50%.

  • The overall vacancy rate goes down from 15.5% in 2009 to 3% in 2018. Rents are expected to continue to rise in the upcoming years due to the inflow of population, liquidity, construction of the new cross-border  bridge, the proposed Toronto-Windsor high speed train and a vibrant local economy The inventory level is down to about 2.4 months, signaling a strong “seller market”. Bidding wars are extremely common. Property prices are expected to rise despite a gradual cool down in other cities in Canada.

How Realtors View the Market

The following is extracts from the December 2018 Monthly Report by Tina Roy, President of the Windsor-Essex County Association of REALTORS®:

  • “For 2018 as a whole, sales were down from their 2017 record, and that probably reflects both the stress test and the lack of available product. The average price in the region also posted a third straight double-digit increase in 2018.”
  • The more comprehensive annual average price was $294,573 in 2018, rising 13.3% from 2017.
  • Notwithstanding the small increase in new supply, overall supply is running at record lows. Active residential listings numbered just 772 units at the end of 2018 – the lowest reading ever. It was down 21.7% from the end of 2017.
  • Months of inventory numbered just 2.4 at the end of 2018, down from the 3.1 months recorded at the end of 2017 and a record-low for this time of year. The number of months of inventory is the number of months it would take to sell current inventories at the current rate of sales activity”

Upside Potential of New Condominiums

  • Based on current rental trends of newly built condos in East Windsor and Tecumseh, the cap rate for a brand new condo unit could be as high as 5% -- a Return of Investment (ROI) very few Canadian cities can offer. 
  • Retirees or seniors planning for downsizing may consider buying pre-construction condo units to take profit from the liquidation of the current residence and benefit from a possible capital appreciation of the new condo units. Using the then self-occupied condo homes to apply for a reverse mortgage could bring extra spare money for discretionary disposal.